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The International 3!

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

This week I’ll be on site at the International 3 at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. If you see me anytime this week, please feel free to say hi!

My next cast will be the Steelseries Chicago Dota 2 Open on August 17 and 18. That’ll be on my stream, .

casting through june

Monday, June 10th, 2013

I was asked today about my current casting schedule. I haven’t done the greatest job of alerting folks when I’m casting, partly because it’s been somewhat ad hoc. You’ll notice some of the below only have approximate times; I’ll edit as I get more information.

Through the end of June I’ll be casting:

10 June – Starladder S6 Day 23 (4 games) – 1000 EDT – 1600 CEST – 2200 SGT on SheeverGaming (cocasting)

13 June – Starladder S6 Day 26 (5 games) – 1100 EDT – 1700 CEST – 2300 SGT on SheeverGaming (cocasting)

14 June – Starladder S6 Day 27 (5 games) – 1100 EDT – 1700 CEST – 2300 SGT on SheeverGaming (cocasting)

15 June – Steelseries Dota 2 Open Chicago (One-day tournament) – 1100 EDT – 1700 CEST – 2300 SGT on Vykromond (probably) (casting)

17-21 June, 24 June, 28 June – ECL 2013 Redbull League (3 games each day featuring Chinese teams) – (Time TBD) on BeyondTheSummit2 (casting)

23 June – TPL Radiance Cup (7 best of 1 games and one best of 3 series featuring NA/EU teams) – 0800 EDT – 1400 CEST – 2000 SGT on TPL (casting)

There may be more opportunities that I’ll have to feel out as they come or don’t. I’m certainly hoping to add more onto this slate. What I should really do is put a calendar feature on this site to make it easier to track. ed: Rather than kvetch, I simply went ahead and added a real calendar. Here’s the link.

I also wrote a piece about the Dota Super League group A on popular team ViCi Gaming; you can read that here.

casting for the end of may

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

I have a few posts in the hopper but unfortunately nothing ready to publish, so hopefully in the future there’ll be some more content to fill this blog. In the interim, those interested in checking out my casting have had a decent set of opportunities, which continue tomorrow with Dota 2 Super League with Blaze as well as Starladder Season 6 with Sheever.


30 May 2013 – IG vs For.Love – 0800 EDT – 1400 CEST – 2000 SGT on BeyondTheSummit2

30 May 2013 – Empire vs Mouz – 1200 EDT – 1800 CEST – 0000 SGT on SheeverGaming

30 May 2013 – Alliance vs DD – 1300 EDT – 1900 CEST – 0100 SGT on SheeverGaming

30 May 2013 – Alliance vs Kaipi – 1400 EDT – 2000 CEST – 0200 SGT on SheeverGaming

30 May 2013 – Kaipi vs Fnatic – 1500 EDT – 2100 CEST – 0300 SGT on SheeverGaming

For something to read, Phantasmal at has been on a tear lately, with some great posts about the TI3 qualifiers and one about Alliance’s drafting style. You should go read that.

casting the tpl playoffs this weekend

Friday, April 26th, 2013

This is going to be a pretty busy weekend for my casting. The Premier League is heading into its online playoffs and Blaze and I will be on staff to cover the whole experience. I’ll also be covering the Netolic Pro League Losers’ Bracket Final, and maybe other random things as well if time permits during the weekend. You should definitely check it out if you like my casting at all. Here’s a schedule:

26 April – The Premier League Season 4 Playoffs – Fnatic vs Alliance
1200 EDT / 1800 CEST / 0200 SGT – TPL Stream or in-game

26 April – The Premier League Season 4 Playoffs – Team Liquid vs
1500 EDT / 2100 CEST / 0500 SGT – TPL Stream or in-game

27 April – The Premier League Season 4 Playoffs – TBD vs TBD
1200-1800 EDT / 1800-0200 CEST / 0200-0800 SGT – TPL Stream or in-game

28 April – Netolic Pro League EAST Losers’ Bracket Finals – VG vs Netolic.SG (AFD/DM2)
0700 EDT / 1300 CEST / 1900 SGT – NetolicTV or in-game

28 April – The Premier League Season 4 Playoffs – TBD vs TBD (Grand Final)
1200-1800 EDT / 1800-0200 CEST / 0200-0800 SGT – TPL Stream or in-game

28 April – Netolic Pro League WEST Losers’ Bracket Finals  – Root-Gaming vs Artyk
1900 EDT / 0100 CEST / 0700 SGT – NetolicTV or in-game

ems one preview, next few days of casting

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Two items of note, both of which will unfortunately send readers off-blog. I’ll endeavour to produce more original blog content when I get some extra spare time. Look for at least a wrap-up or a grand finals preview concerning Netolic here if it doesn’t get successfully pitched to one of the bigger Dota news syndicators.

1) If you’re interested at all in the big LAN event hitting Western scene DotA this weekend, the TeamLiquid preview coverage of EMS One Spring Finals that I contributed to with team profiles and translation help is probably your best resource, and you can check it out here. The event may be weirdly organised as far as the distribution of its participating teams in the bracket goes, but it should provide for some extremely entertaining and hopefully high-level DotA over the course of the weekend.

2) I’m doing some casting over the next several days as well, and these should be some fairly interesting matches. Details below the fold:  (more…)

recap of joindota masters 13 on teamliquid

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

I contributed to this piece about the JoinDota Masters XIII, a small but interesting tournament played out this week. My next piece for TeamLiquid will be a preview for this weekend’s ESL EMS One LAN event, which I’ll link here when it’s up.

As far as casting goes, both the Premier League and the Netolic Raidcall Pro League are progressing apace. I’m casting Mouz vs Empire in TPL on 18 April at 2000 CEST (2PM Eastern) at their stream, and the next Netolic games will be held on 21 April. Those are the Winners’ Bracket Finals for both the Eastern and Western divisions, so they should be pretty high stakes and interesting.

recap of ritmix rdl on teamliquid

Monday, April 8th, 2013

I’ve had my first piece published on popular e-sports website Team Liquid. It’s a recap of the Ritmix Russian Dota 2 League tournament that was held over the course of the last month and served as a lagniappe in the in-game client for Starladder Season 5 tournament ticket holders. The tournament was interesting, with a somewhat surprising winner and some fine games, 5 of which I’ve listed in the piece. You can read it here.

The Netolic Raidcall Pro League has concluded its group stage and will be heading into tiebreakers and playoffs imminently. You can watch the VOD of what I think is the highlight game of the group stages at this link, or just check out the tournament standings and other details at its official site.

tpl dignitas vs vp later today

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

I’ll be co-casting The Premier League at about 2 PM Eastern time today with Blaze. Dignitas and Virtus Pro have played each other a lot lately and it’ll be interesting watching this potentially nascent rivalry continue to develop. Stream will be here. I may post a recap here, time permitting.

netolic pro league starts tomorrow morning

Monday, April 1st, 2013

So far since I switched this blog to mostly focus on Dota content I haven’t really done much or indeed any promotion of my own Dota stuff, but I’d like to start amending that somewhat. Tomorrow morning marks the beginning of the Netolic Pro League 2nd Edition, a tournament that I’ll be casting over the next month or so. From my perspective there are 2 remarkable things about this tournament: the extremely high quality of the teams involved in the East division, and the unique and attractive time of the broadcasts for the West division. I mean, that, and I’m casting it. The site’s linked above, the stream is , and the tournament ticket for in-game viewing can be found here.

WePlay Dota 2 Group D Mini-Preview

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

This is the third in a series of posts covering the WePlay Dota 2 Tournament, sponsored by and primarily casted in English by LD at I am not affiliated with either of these organisations and you should absolutely support them via your internet patronage or Dota 2 tournament ticket purchase.

There wasn’t much especially interesting to talk about in the results of Group A of the WePlay tournament, played out last Sunday, so we didn’t; suffice to say Na’vi advanced with sufficient ease to troll most of their matchups. Joining them in the next stage are substitute team Keita Gaming (fka Out of Tangoes), upsetting the potentially fragile 3-team balance for 2nd by replacing Vivacity Esports, who were forced to forfeit due to a scheduling conflict with the Starladder Pro Series final bracket in which they eventually placed 2nd. Eosin+4, my choice for #2 of the original teams, ran a new lineup that failed to impress, but time and practice with the new roster including joinDota‘s HamSandwich may yet yield dividends. They’ve got a lot of games coming up against a veritable gauntlet of Russian teams, so we’ll certainly see more from them, and earned fans when they deployed the inaugural game for Timbersaw this week on the pro scene in the Alienware Arena finals. Imperium Gamers (fka Down Them All)  also looked underprepped but promising, winning their game against Eosin+4 with a bold tri-core lineup (Lifestealer, Gyro, Weaver) but dropping to Keita twice including once with their favoured Wisp. We’ll keep an eye on this team as well. Now, let’s skip forward a week and move on to Group D.  (more…)