Currently, this blog contains coverage and information about the videogame Dota 2, published by Valve Software.

In addition to writing about it here, I also do shoutcasting of Dota 2 games at my Twitch.TV channel as well as a guest on other Twitch channels like ThePremierLeague, with VODs posted frequently at my YouTube channel.

Please contact me if you are interested in having me cast your professional, semi-pro, or amateur Dota2 games or tournaments- I’m always looking for more opportunities to cast and am very flexible as far as casting chair (play-by-play or colour/analytic), schedule, etc. Similarly, I’m happy to participate in your Dota-related podcast filling in on whatever topic you’d like, given prior notice and a sample of your content. Send an email to vyk+casting(at symbol)vykromond(dot)com or contact me via any of the above venues.

Also feel free to contact me if you are interested in syndicating my writing to your Dota2 news resource, blog, or tournament. I’m only too happy for the writing I’m already doing to be seen by your audience and to help you grow eSports. I can also do work on spec, with terms of compensation that we can work out. For any writing-related inquiries, email me at vyk+writing(at symbol)vykromond(dot)com .