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I was asked today about my current casting schedule. I haven’t done the greatest job of alerting folks when I’m casting, partly because it’s been somewhat ad hoc. You’ll notice some of the below only have approximate times; I’ll edit as I get more information.

Through the end of June I’ll be casting:

10 June – Starladder S6 Day 23 (4 games) – 1000 EDT – 1600 CEST – 2200 SGT on SheeverGaming (cocasting)

13 June – Starladder S6 Day 26 (5 games) – 1100 EDT – 1700 CEST – 2300 SGT on SheeverGaming (cocasting)

14 June – Starladder S6 Day 27 (5 games) – 1100 EDT – 1700 CEST – 2300 SGT on SheeverGaming (cocasting)

15 June – Steelseries Dota 2 Open Chicago (One-day tournament) – 1100 EDT – 1700 CEST – 2300 SGT on Vykromond (probably) (casting)

17-21 June, 24 June, 28 June – ECL 2013 Redbull League (3 games each day featuring Chinese teams) – (Time TBD) on BeyondTheSummit2 (casting)

23 June – TPL Radiance Cup (7 best of 1 games and one best of 3 series featuring NA/EU teams) – 0800 EDT – 1400 CEST – 2000 SGT on TPL (casting)

There may be more opportunities that I’ll have to feel out as they come or don’t. I’m certainly hoping to add more onto this slate. What I should really do is put a calendar feature on this site to make it easier to track. ed: Rather than kvetch, I simply went ahead and added a real calendar. Here’s the link.

I also wrote a piece about the Dota Super League group A on popular team ViCi Gaming; you can read that here.

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