ems one preview, next few days of casting

Two items of note, both of which will unfortunately send readers off-blog. I’ll endeavour to produce more original blog content when I get some extra spare time. Look for at least a wrap-up or a grand finals preview concerning Netolic here if it doesn’t get successfully pitched to one of the bigger Dota news syndicators.

1) If you’re interested at all in the big LAN event hitting Western scene DotA this weekend, the TeamLiquid preview coverage of EMS One Spring Finals that I contributed to with team profiles and translation help is probably your best resource, and you can check it out here. The event may be weirdly organised as far as the distribution of its participating teams in the bracket goes, but it should provide for some extremely entertaining and hopefully high-level DotA over the course of the weekend.

2) I’m doing some casting over the next several days as well, and these should be some fairly interesting matches. Details below the fold: 

20 April – G-1 League West Qualifiers – QPAD vs Dignitas
0400 EDT / 1000 CEST / 1600 SGT – BeyondTheSummit or in-game

21 April – Netolic Pro League EAST Winners’ Bracket Finals – MUFC vs AFD
0700 EDT / 1300 CEST / 1900 SGT – NetolicTV or in-game

21 April – Netolic Pro League WEST Winners’ Bracket Finals – Dust vs Artyk
1900 EDT / 0100 CEST / 0700 SGT – NetolicTV or in-game

23 April – The Premier League Season 4 Group Stage – Dignitas vs Alliance
1400 EDT / 2000 CEST / 0200 SGT – TPL Stream or in-game

24 April – Netolic Pro League EAST Losers’ Bracket Rd 3 – Orange vs VG
0700 EDT / 1300 CEST / 1900 SGT – NetolicTV or in-game

24 April –  Netolic Pro League WEST Losers’ Bracket Rd 3 – Shitbirds vs Root
1900 EDT / 0100 CEST / 0700 SGT – NetolicTV or in-game

After that it’s the TPL playoffs next weekend, but I’ll make a separate post for that.

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