internet comment spotlight ii

20 October 2012 5:19PM
Word of Big Tex going up in flames spread quickly here in Dallas. The reactions have tended in two camps. One is the grief stricken Christians who mourn his loss and proclaim their hope that the huge iconic figure will be replaced with something equally as awful and ridiculous.

On the other hand the less numerous but more reflective druids and expatriate Celts that live here took some pleasure in our inadvertent wicker man on the plains that in a more ancient setting would have contained some of the thieves and con artist that actually work the carnival areas that constitute the State Fair.

Ultimately people here will demand the return of Big Tex in a better more automated form that will continue to scare small children and fascinate the populace that has for many generations chosen to marvel at over sized monstrosities favored by egomaniacs the world over.


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